ORALITE®5900 is a premier vinyl material that withstands the pressures of the outside weather elements, and continuously looks good and provides the high-end visibility work zones require. Designed specifically to produce traffic signs and other outdoor applications, it can withstand long-term outdoor exposure.


Learning more about this material is essential if you have applications in mind to use it for. There are seven colors to choose from, giving you diversity when putting together a sign of your own. The white solvent polyacrylate is ideal for the best applications and put a strong hold on the materials to ensure that proper placement and long-term application continuously offers the safety and support needed.


ORALITE®5900 Applications


The applications offered with this material are extensive and depending on the applications you have in mind; this material can provide the protection, visibility, and durability that you can come to expect from all ORAFOL products in the market.


This material meets MUTCD requirements, giving the peace of mind necessary in work zones when this material and visibility are required. This material can have screen printing and UV printing on it to provide more customization. Enjoy the many benefits of having materials that can provide numerous applications and specifications.


Applications can be anything from work zone to construction zone-related uses, to street signs and those less safety-related needs. When visibility is concerned, this is the best material to use for that.




The specifications for ORALITE®5900 are plentiful and can provide numerous applications, but also come with many specifications that meet these application requirements. ORALITE®5900 comes in widths of 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 48 inches offering plenty of choices depending on the application type.


Additionally, ORALITE®5900 meets ASTM D 4956 specifications for Type IV, Class I retroreflective sheeting. Known as the high intensity prismatic grade choice, those who are looking for high quality standards with the best durability would benefit from the use of ORALITE®5900 on their application.


Take the time to enjoy all that comes from this material, as well as the others from ORAFOL. You can find that the multiple applications are ideal to use when considering the safety of the workers and others on the roadways. ORAFOL is the name in reflective sheeting, and with this material; you’ll always be seen.

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