Women in Road Safety: For Over 100 Years

Women have been in road safety for over 100 years since Emily Roebling completed the Brooklyn Bridge back in 1883. This was a long time ago, and no doubt one of the biggest turning points in history. Since then, women have slowly begun entering the construction and roadwork fields.

Though, most of the research shows that women in construction are continuing to grow. It is also showing that most of these women are learning new trades. Many are opting for this type of work and skill, rather than going to college.

The Beginning of Women in Roadwork

The legacies of women’s suffrage are a topic worth discussing, but as times moved forward from the 20s on; women began starting new jobs in many different fields, which were once male-dominated.

During the Second World War, women had to go to work because many, if not most, of the men, were enlisted and sent off to war. This left the women to run the towns and cities, but also supply the men with the products they needed while overseas fighting.

This has since expanded and allowed women to work in many more industries. One of those industries is the road safety industry.

Road Safety and Women’s Empowerment

Road safety is a basic human need. It is what we want every time we leave our homes. Safe roads and affordable public transportation are both fundamental conditions that both women and girls require. They require it for their work, school, health, social activities, and more.

Due to this, road safety has a direct link to a woman’s economic and social empowerment. It helps to determine the extent of freedom of choice a woman has.

While we lack actual information and research on this, statistics have shown that men are three times more likely to get involved in a fatal car crash than women. This has a long-term, not to mention, sudden, impact on women. The burden then directly falls on the woman or girl in the family to hold things together. This is just one of the interactions that can be found between road safety and the quality education and equality of girls.

This also shows that road incidents can make even the most well-off homes vulnerable to poverty.

Having Proper Road Safety in Place

It is important, not just for women, but for everyone to have safe road systems in place. We strive as a community to get roadways in the best condition, but also that everyone stays safe within them.

Following road signs, obeying the traffic laws, and ensuring that you’re taking care while operating a vehicle can all go a long way with vehicle safety. Remember this, as you are someone who uses the road systems. Road safety is for everyone.

Preserving women’s history is one of the best things we can do, and women in roadwork, as flaggers, and working the large machinery is something that should be celebrated. We should celebrate all women in construction, as they’re changing paces and making moves.

They are setting the bar for the next generation of women. They are showing young girls that they can do anything.

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