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ATSSA 2021 Convention and Traffic Expo

 As 2020 comes to a close, it is important to follow up on the conventions and events happening in the New Year. ATSSA is at it again with their 2021 Convention and Traffic Expo!

This Expo is set to provide vital connections that those in this industry are in need of. With a lot to be said about the prevention and resources for work zone tragedies, increase your awareness but also make sure you’re doing your part to prevent these tragedies from happening.

This is going to be the 51st Annual Convention that has a Roadway Worker Protection Summit that is being shined on for the Associations lifesaving mission they’re on.

Find out what this Expo might have in store for you, your company, and the networking you’d like to do this upcoming year…

What’s Happening at the Convention and Traffic Expo?

You can expect many presentations to happen. Many of the companies who are joining ATSSA this year have put together presentations of their company, their offerings, and a way for you to get all of your traffic-related questions to be answered.

They are looking to expand on the tools, tips, and tricks that are used to prevent work zone injuries and deaths. These include new training, certifications, and equipment used. Many areas are looking towards new products that can be purchased to help let others know about the dangers, but also about the upcoming work.

The event is set to take place over two weeks’ time from February 8 through 12, and the 16 through 18th.

Connect with colleagues, industry leaders, and those interested in this industry in a more innovative and creative way. Since the Expo is completely online, this is a big change from the usual in-person experiences and booths we set up. This alone has many visitors excited about what is to come.

Showcase Your Company or Come Check it Out

Showcasing your company has never been more exciting. With resources and tools offered through ATSSA and their partners, you can connect on a completely different level with help from this year’s Expo.

Welcoming those in the traffic industry, you can find that this is one of the best places to connect, network, and grow your business. Even though it is different this year, it is still one of the biggest Expo’s being talked about.

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Need additional information on the Expo or want to sign up?

Contact: Maria Robertson

ATSSA Director of Marketing & Communications


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