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Traffic Safety: Solution To Saving Lives

Traffic Safety

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Traffic safety issues: Reduced Visibility Conditions, Distracted Driving, These things are major issues when it comes to traffic safety. So what do we do about this? How can we keep roadways safe when the visibility is low and drivers can’t see, or when they are texting and driving? Eastern Metal Signs and Safety is taking Traffic Safety to the next level with our LED Stop/Slow Paddles.. Our Visual Alert (VA) Paddles are demanding the attention of drivers, protecting everyone on the road.

Our VA paddles increases visibility and captures the attention of drivers approaching flagging operations and school zones.  With today’s distracted drivers, cell phones, touch screen displays, etc., the Visual Alert Stop/Slow Signs help prevent injuries and save lives by getting drivers attention sooner. The smallest fraction of time can help save a life!

This Visual Alert Stop/Slow Signs integrates flashing LED technology into Stop/Slow Paddles with reflective sign faces that meets MUTCD compliance.  The test results from this product were so impressive that it initiated a change to the Federal MUTCD allowing use of this new technology.

So I’m sure you’re wondering how bright these signs actually are? Weather and lighting conditions will change the distance that these signs will be seen at. However, even on a dark road in the evening these signs can still be seen for well over a quarter mile. Imagine how much more time that gives people to stop and slow down!

These paddles will operate in all weather conditions and out perform traditional non-LED paddles in these conditions as well. Your state and local requirements will determine paddle size and paddle reflectivity.  Both our 18” and 24” Visual Alert Paddles are available paddle only or paddle with a removable support staff.

These Paddles are the next big thing in highway safety, and we can assure they will be taking over the roads in no time. Several States have already approved them or are in the process of approving them now. Why not get ahead of the times and get in touch with Eastern Metal Signs and Safety today to join them on their mission to help save more lives!

For More information on our Visual Alert Paddles or to order some please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-872-SIGN.


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