Long-Term Wide Observation Angle Prismatic material comes together in a handful of colors to provide maximum durability for outdoor sign applications. This wide application is necessary for terms of being visible in low-light areas. These types of materials are essential for keeping many signs seen, especially when it is raining or there is minimal light in the area.

Find the sheeting that works the best for you through the many options that ORALITE from ORAFOL has to offer. With plenty of choices to go with, these specific makes can mix and match to create the best products. Use the best materials. Learn more about ORALITE® 7900 to find out if it is the right material for you to use.

The Usage of ORALITE® 7900

As a wide observation angle prismatic sheeting, this material is able to take on a whole new level of job performance when put to the test. Used often in the production of permanent, or non-permanent outdoor traffic control signage.

The application when applied correctly should have a lifespan of up to 12 years; being more cost-saving for various corporations, companies, and municipals.

This clear, solvent polyacrylate is a permanent adhesive. It does not take a lot of care to keep it looking and performing the best that it can, given the specific weather ailments or conditions of the area that it is being used in.

ORALITE® 7900 for Your Applications

Using ORALITE® 7900 on any permanent fixtures or signs that you have is highly recommended and those who are looking for the best applications are in luck with this specific sheeting type. Those who are in the safety or sign industry use this material a decent amount because of the benefits that it provides to those who purchase the products and place them around specific areas for years.

The long-lasting durability of any ORAFOL materials and applications is what makes the ORALITE® 7900 an ideal investment to make. This material has been tested and it meets MUTCD guidelines for being one of the safest materials for reflective applications.

This material is ideal for manufacturers, and it is the only material that Eastern Metal Signs & Safety trusts to provide safe roadways. Purchasing a roll-up sign would mean purchasing reflective ORAFOL material that stands out and outperforms the competition.

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