This material is less known about, but it provides additional safety to both pedestrians and those driving on the roadways. This leads to more protection for roadcrews that might be working, and so on. These material applications are important in the manufacturing processes because they are what make the reflective sheeting on the signs and other products reflective.


By knowing more about this sheeting, you can choose to purchase products made from it or the sheeting itself for other applications you want to accomplish.


Applications of ORALITE® 5935


There are numerous applications that come with ORALITE® 5935. You can expect that this tough, weather-resistant material stays highly reflective even when in the toughest of storms. It is designed for rugged construction or other heavy-duty work zones because of the reflective, reboundable sheeting.


The application of this material is the most ideal for drums, cones, delineators, cones, and other products that need to remain highly visible in the work zone. Any devices that require high visibility should be considered for ORALITE® 5935. The work zone is able to be protected through the use of this sheeting and other materials and tools providing the quality care necessary to remain visible, even when visibility conditions are less than promising.


The Usage of ORALITE® 5935


Those looking to build a better work zone and ensure the safety of their workers are encouraged to use ORALITE® 5935 as an application sheeting material for those products that would otherwise not be seen. It is important that this sheeting material is used on these products because of the benefits of protecting those working in these zones.


High visibility is important in these instances. The right Orafol material is able to provide just that. With ORALITE® 5935, you can easily obtain the best reflective capabilities at the best price, but also know that your workers remain safe when this material is applied to those work zone products meant to keep them safe.


Here at Eastern Metal Signs and Safety, we are proud to only provide ORALITE® 5935 on pedestrian signage, as well as a wide range of safety products meant to keep lives safe while on the roadways. Shop the selection today or choose one of the many products that have the ORALITE® 5935 sheeting overlay already installed on it.

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