Is Importing Your Sign Stands Okay to Do?

While we are not saying yes, or no to this question…

Taking the time to compare shipping your items from overseas versus just having them sent domestically is important. It is increasingly important due to COVID and the rise in restrictions and slow-paced services. However, it is also important for those who are having safe products shipping internationally.

Even though you thought domestic shipping and purchasing was not ideal for you and expensive; this is not the case.

It has been shown that shipping internationally is not only more stressful, but it can turn out to be more damaging to the products and your business and also more expensive to your budget. Read on to learn more about international shipping versus domestic.

Reasons International Shipping Might Not Be Ideal

  • Foreign regulations might hold a shipment back entirely, or it might delay one.
  • Monetary transactions can cause disruption, or it might be expensive in general to have the stands shipped to your warehouse or facility from overseas.
  • Safety concerns often are risen when shipping items internationally.
  • Additional steps mean that a longer shipping period is required. This can sometimes take up to months before the process is complete and the client receives their sign stands.
  • The sign stands come, but they’re weather-worn. They are salted and broken down.
  • The stands that make it does not last for longer than a year or so and need to be replaced again.
  • Spending additional money on new stands, even these ‘affordable’ ones is spending more than on a set of sustainable, quality ones.

Don’t risk your intellectual property rights or have to worry about other legal matters when shipping or selling products from overseas. Work with us. Whether you need hundreds or a couple; Eastern Metal Signs and Safety is here to provide the necessary sign stands your crew needs to continue to be safe.

Safety Comes First on the Roads

If you are looking to have your sign stands shipped domestically from a warehouse on the East Coast of the US, then Eastern Metal Signs and Safety is where you can find the perfect selection of road work and other safety signs and equipment.

Visit the contact page to send us a message or you can give us a call at 607.734.2295. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions or provide you with a quote. We have you covered – we know signs and we want to work to help you and your crews keep safe.

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