is a highly recommended material application for those in the work zone. Anyone who is looking to have a quality type of reflective material, in various colors, can use ORALITE®  and always feel confident that it is going to last. Use this application on those safety products that stand out to you.


Unlike other materials, ORALITE® 5061 is extremely durable and provides maximum in visibility when used on any signage or other outdoor application.


Specifications of ORALITE® 5061


The thickness is around 3 mil, allowing the sheeting to stay on even in the most inclement weather conditions. It can last up to 12 years, even when being used in weather elements that are less than desirable. With clear, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, and other colors; you can pick and choose which colors are going to work the best for you and the signage applications you’re looking to achieve.


It is recommended that it is used on ORALITE® 5900, 5910, 5800, and 5860. However, other applications can also benefit from the use of ORALITE® 5061. Coming in 150 feet and 30 feet options and 24 or 48 widths; you can ensure that you are getting the best materials for the safety signage you’d like to have.


Applications of ORALITE® 5061


The applications of ORALITE® 5061 are expansive, and there are many ways that it can be used to your advantage. ORAFOL reflective solutions offer the best way to be seen in numerous types of construction and work zone areas. This application can be on signage, on specific products such as cones, and other specifications. Lettering is the most used method for this type of material. It has an easy-on application, making it ideal to use for numerous applications.

The applications of this material are plentiful, and those who want to stay safe in work zones and other work areas feel confident using ORALITE® 5061 for the applications. Lasting for up to 12 years, you can ensure that the silicone side stays vibrant during this entire usage.


Purchasing the best products, including the right ORALITE® materials is essential. You need to ensure that the application is the highest quality and the strongest, especially for those materials that are going to be put outside in the elements. When bad weather hits, you want to make sure that these safety signs can still be seen to protect those workers in the work zone that would otherwise not be able to be seen.

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