ORALITE® 5930 is a material that comes highly recommended as a rugged, heavy-duty, dependable material for all of your work zone needs. These low-energy plastics are what keeps those products looking their best. With reflective capabilities, this material can be used for a wide range of purposes.


Those wanting to know more about ORALITE® 5930 and to see if it meets your specifications, read on. This is where you can find numerous pieces of information that can essentially help you be seen during outdoor work zones.


Applications of ORALITE® 5930


ORALITE® 5930 comes with numerous applications. The short to medium-term outdoor application of this product makes it an ideal choice to go with for temporary outdoor signage and safety products. Though it is not long-term, the medium term of this material provides years of use if taken down and out of the elements in a timely manner.


This can be used for a number of applications depending on your needs. Consider the usage, the outdoor application, and other outside factors. This can help you determine if the ORALITE® 5930 is the right material for you to use for the purpose.


Specifications of ORALITE® 5930


The durability of ORALITE® 5930 lasts for 5 years when taken and used in the right way. The 18 mil thickness is ideal for many applications on signs and products. The clear, permanent adhesive will continuously provide updated usability. It is able to be printed on, as well, which is ideal for signs and other specifications. Print with screen printing and UV printing.


It is available in a number of colors that meet and match specifications and requirements for work zones, and for safety areas. The colors available are white, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent orange, and yellow. Which color you choose depends on the application you want to use it for.


The material meets ASTM D 4956 specifications for Type IV Class I retroreflective sheeting, allowing you to rest assured knowing you have a quality material at the best pricing. ORALITE® 5930 is available in a number of lengths from 18 inches to 48 inches and 150 feet, or 50-yard lengths.


Here at Eastern Metal Signs & Safety, you can find all ORAFOL sheeting and materials for safety and outdoor work zone uses. The ORALITE® 5930 is a specialized material and one that comes highly recommended by our offices. Find the perfect material and sheeting that works with your application needs.

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