Protection Starts with the Right ORAFOL Reflective Materials

At Eastern Metal Signs and Safety, we care about your safety while out on the roadways. We know that this is one of the most dangerous jobs you can do. We don’t leave your life up to chance, though. We source only the finest in ORAFOL reflective materials to ensure maximum protection for all your crew members.


Looking at the many ORALITE® products we offer can provide you with an idea of what might be necessary for your needs. Keeping safe in any work zone, especially with the right reflective materials is essential. Learn more about these materials and how they might save a life in your work zone.



Made with outdoor applications in mind, you can expect to find the highest durability and quality from this compared to the other ORAFOL materials. Offering the Wide Observation Angel Prismatic material shine for long-term outdoor solutions; this is ideal for signs and other large pieces.



Made for those rugged work zones and emergency management situations where high visibility is necessary to keep everyone safe. These applications come in different high visibility and brightly lit up colors to match any outdoor emergency or work zone-related need.



Create the perfect look with the right lettering using ORALITE® 5061. Coming in a series of colors, you can mix and match to create the perfect look. The adhesive is stronger than other options since ORAFOL uses the strongest in the industry.



In the construction world, the right material and reflectiveness is important. ORALITE® 5930 is made with construction crews and work in mind. Keeping the workers safe, while creating a visible barrier; this material is ideal for these situations.



Long-term outdoor applications require the use of a material that does not wear down. This material is made specifically for this type of application while providing the stronghold that is necessary to keep the letters on whatever product you choose.


Choosing one or the other depends on the application you’re purchasing the materials for. Each one has its own use. Not just that, but they come with their own set of pros and cons. Compare each one to find out which would be the most ideal to use for your situation.


For further reading on all these reflective materials from ORAFOL, read on through the separate articles we’ve posted on the News section. Having this information can help you make the most informed, knowledgeable decision on which is best to use for your needs. Shop the reflective materials today!

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