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Protect your STOP/SLOW Paddles with a Sign-Velope cover. Available in 18″ and 24″ durable vinyl.

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Vinyl Sign-Velope Cover is compatible with all of our Aluminum & ABS Plastic STOP/SLOW Paddles.

Additional Information: STOP/SLOW Paddle Item numbers SS-18, SS-18-HI, SS-18-DGR, SS-24, SS-24-HI, SS-24-HI/DG, SS-24-DGR
FLH-1872-EG, FLH-1872-HI, FLH-1872-DG, FLH-2472-EG, FLH-2472-HI, FLH-2472-HI/DG, FLH-2472-DG

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