Manhole Guard Approved Winch

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Manhole Guard Approved Winch / Rescue

Manhole guards create a temporary barrier to prevent access to open manholes, and keep traffic and pedestrians away from underground facilities. This aluminum, all-yellow manhole guard is a Winch/Rescue Approved device. (Lift to be ordered separately)

These guard rails are designed to prevent people from falling into an open manhole. Each features collapsible, steel frame construction and heavy-duty safety chains.

designed as a simple one-piece construction that offers easy, no-tools assembly. Guardrail locks open and two hooking chains provide protected entry and exit. For added safety, the rail accommodates signs, flags, or lights. For convenience, it can be used with a guard rail tent, umbrellas or the Allegro winch.*This assembly is to be used as a “Temporary Barrier Railing”


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