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Roll-Up work zone signs are constructed with two orange fiberglass battens (ribs) that crisscross the back and provide stability for the sign itself.  Battens can then be secured in a variety of different ways. We feature our 4 Lexan pocket option, as well as half Lexan, Lock Pocket™, and sewn pocket options. They can be used with a variety of stands that we also manufacture

Full range of sizes and materials available
Meets MUTCD requirements
Full range of standard legends, plus custom legends upon request
Made of high-quality retro-reflective and non-reflective materials
Various pocket choices specific to your project
Proudly constructed in America

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Roll Up Sign Materials

– Non-reflective Mesh
– Non-reflective Vinyl
– Reflective Vinyl

Non-Reflective Signs are meant strictly for daytime use only.  Highly discouraged from using these in dark or non-lighted conditions.   Our retro-reflective materials are much brighter for low light conditions offering early awareness to drivers.


Roll Up Sign Sizes

36 and 48 inches
The size sign you need will depend on where it is used. MUTCD guidelines have 36″ signs for streets but 48″ signs should be used on highways.
If the sign legend denotes important changes to the road (like road closed, detour, bridge out etc.) 48″ is the preferred size.

Roll Up Sign Holders/Stands
Choose between tripod, spring base sign stands, guard rail stands and hand held paddles.
Your choice of sign holder will be dependent on the sign you choose and the location where it is used.
You will also want to consider the height that you need for the sign to be at.


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