ORANGE TRAFFIIC DRUM with sheeting ROADMAX Traffic Drum Product Data


Traffic drums are a versatile and effective way to manage and control traffic flow on roads and highways. These durable orange barrels are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and provide clear, visible guidance to drivers.

Easy to set up and move, traffic drums are a safe and reliable solution for any construction or road maintenance project. Plus, they come in a bright orange color that is easy to spot and hard to miss. Protect your workers and improve traffic flow with traffic drums today.

Eastern Metal Signs and Safety offers Traffic Drums and Bases engineered to withstand the harshest traffic, construction and weather conditions. Because of their durability, they’re very cost effective. They’re also easy to set up and take down.


Material:Impact-Resistant Polyethylene
Color: UV-Stabilized Highway Orange
Body Height: 36” (0.92 m)
Overall Height: 41.38” (1.05 m)
Weight: 8.0 LB (3.5 kg)
Minimum Diameter: 18” (46 cm)
Base Option: 22LB Tire Ring

road drum for traffic control


  • Rounded ergonomic handle for easy access with a comfortable grip
  • Recessed reflective band tiers for long-lasting protection of sheeting
  • Four anti-rotation claws will keep drums facing traffic
  • Built-in sheeting edge protector guards against wear during stacking
  • Five-tier design for better visibility in heavy traffic
  • Double light mounts on handle for added convenience
  • Domed top sheds debris and water
  • Ribbed bottom lip for easy base attachment
  • Two-piece top & base design allows dragging without separation
  • Two-piece breakaway feature allows controlled separation on impact
  • UV-stabilized bright orange polyethylene protects from sun damage