Marathon Roll-Up Warning Signs™

marathon roll up vinyl traffic sign with reflective surface





marathon reflective traffic sign








OverLays and OverLay provisions

OverLays and OverLay provisions are available on all Eastern Metal brand Roll-Up Warning Signs™. Sewn velcro strips attached to the front of the sign and the back of the OverLay can reduce inventory and increase overall value by giving your signs extra versatility. All of our OverLays are available in the same

Pocket Types

All three pocket types are available on Standard Roll-Up Warning Signs™ and C-Signs™. LOCK-Pockets™ eliminate the need to bend or bow the battens when inserting or removing them from the pocket. Our LOCK-Pocket™ system slides open to accept the batten, then slides shut again to lock it in place. There is no better Roll-Up Sign Pocket System on the market today.




Lock Pocket




Sewn Pocket





Plastic Fixed Pockets