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The Importance of Stop Signs

Stop signs are a regular part of life. You may not even think about them. You learned how to read and react to them, but never really gave them any more thought than just this. We have gathered some information on stop signs, so the next time you see them, you have an idea of their importance.

The Many Benefits of Stop Signs

There are actually many benefits that come from stop signs. Being able to know these benefits can help you keep in mind why you should follow them each and every time you’re driving around town.

  • Know the order or right of way for who is able to cross a street or turn down another.
  • Slows and stops traffic for pedestrians who are crossing.
  • Inexpensive to install and use as compared to signal lights and roundabouts.
  • Having all-way stop signs can drastically reduce the number of crashes that happen at intersections.
  • This can even be used while waiting for a more permanent or expensive measure to be made in the intersection.


Stop Sign Limitations

Unfortunately, there are also limitations that come along with stop signs to be aware of.

  • Having too many stop signs or stop signs in weird places may cause drivers to drive faster in between them or looking for alternate routes to take.
  • There are higher crash rates for those at these intersections turning left than the others.
  • They do not slow down traffic and are not traffic calming products.


MUTCD Stop Sign Guidelines

The MJTCD has a set of standard guidelines that have to be met in order to qualify for a stop sign to be used in that area. The intersection has to have just ONE of these:

  • The traffic on this particular road exceeds 6,000 vehicles per day.
  • There have been three or more crashes that could have been corrected with a stop sign within 12 months.
  • There have been five or more crashes that could have been corrected with a stop sign within two years.
  • The intersection has very limited visibility from any angle.
  • The MUTCD has other guidelines and recommendations for the best placement of stop signs to ensure that drivers slow down and obey them. Putting too many stop signs in an area where they’re not really warranted can cause the drivers to not obey those that actually are. Also, if it is feasible, it is better to install stop signs on two parts of the intersection instead of all four on roads where one is much busier than the other.

It is important to follow the guidelines and recommendations set forth by MUTCD guidelines. This way, you have the best traffic control that actually works to provide the safety necessary.

While on the road, make sure to slow down, pay attention and stop when you notice the red signs.

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