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The Pandemic Has Had a Silver Lining for Some…

The pandemic has brought a lot to the table for so many, and some things (most things) have not been positive. It has affected pretty much everything that we are used to. Whether it is getting together with those you love or just spending time at events; COVID-19 has taken its toll on the way we spend time together.

There is one area that has not been touched though – the construction on the roadways.

Those who are in the Transportation Departments across the country know that construction on the roadways cannot stop. Even though we are not getting together in large groups doesn’t mean we don’t use the roads. The best part is that many states, such as New Jersey, actually increased their allowable construction hours because of the lower amount of traffic volumes on the roadways.

This is good news for those who are driving on broken roads that have to be repaired for safety.

Contractors are able to bring in a decent amount of work because of this, which brings their silver lining into play when so many others might be laid off because of the pandemic.

Measuring the amount of traffic coming and going during the days is what made them extend hours for the construction. When the roads would normally be packed in the morning and afternoons, they found are half as likely to be packed because of the pandemic. A lot fewer people are driving to and from places. This is helping the workers get more work done in a timelier manner.

Additional Pandemic Protection for Workers

The workers that are doing the road work are protected while on the job. In addition to being protected against the onslaught of traffic but also with the right personal protective gear that is necessary to protect against COVID-19. Masks, gloves, and other equipment is offered to those workers to ensure that they can continue to stay healthy, even while working. The equipment is routinely disinfected and being able to work outside is also something that is helping to keep the virus at bay.

With so many projects happening in the states across the country, the construction crews are hoping a lot of the projects will be completed come spring of 2021. This is a lot sooner than the timelines they originally had put down before the pandemic had hit.

Additional funding for state DOTs is also going to be given out, around $600 million to provide payment for those projects on roadways that are deemed “shovel ready.”

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