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Work Zones are Confusing: Let’s Simplify Things Together

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Any construction or work zone can result in an accident. However, those that are poorly planned out and designed or that are confusing are much more likely to result in injuries and sometimes even death. Not only can this lead to a lawsuit, but it can mean workers lose their lives because of drivers not being able to understand the construction zone signs.

Lawsuits with Negligence in Work Zones

Those who have been in a wrongful death accident because of driving in a confusing construction zone are able to file for compensation. Depending on the situation, if the city, state, town, company, or other party fails to put up the proper traffic safety signs and label the roadway adequately; they may have to pay the victims for their suffering caused by this roadwork confusion.

The Statistics are Astonishing

In 2010 alone, close to 600 fatalities and over 37,000 injuries occurred in the United States in work zones. This is almost 2 percent of all crashes that happen in the United States. Even though these small areas only take up a small amount of roadway, they have higher crash rates compared to non-work zones.

Work zones need to be clearly labeled ahead of time with the proper signs and statements. This is essential to reduce the number of crashes that happen while on the roadways. This affects everyone in the area. It is one of the biggest reasons to always be prepared and mark the roadway accordingly.

What is the reason for these work zone crashes?

  • More than 30 percent of crashes in work zones are due to high vehicle speeds.
  • Driving confusion is the second leading factor that causes road work crashes to happen. When the driver is unable to see the work zone or the signs, or they’re not given adequate time to adjust their speeds; this can cause accidents.
  • The next causes are not paying attention, the high volume of traffic, the variance of speeds between all of the vehicles in the work zone.


Using the proper signs before, during, and after the work zone can help to reduce the number of crashes in the zone. Having the roll up or rigid signs on durable sign stands throughout the work zone can help keep everyone safe while entering and exiting the work zone area.

This is why Eastern Metal Signs and Safety is committed to providing the best road signs that can help keep you and others around you safe. Don’t be caught without the proper signs, stand stands, cones, and other traffic safety equipment. You can shop with our brand with confidence.

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