Common Traffic Signs and Their Importance – A Message from Eastern Metal Signs & Safety

Common Traffic Signs

Do you feel like you are familiar with traffic and road signs that you come across? Do you know the importance of them? You might be surprised at how many you might not know, especially if you haven’t come across many of them recently.

Many drivers feel they are very familiar with these signs, especially since they might drive every single day. However, it is actually surprising how many people do not know a lot of traffic signs. Knowing what the signs mean, many accidents can be avoided.

Ways to Identify Traffic Signs

Three ways to identify common traffic signs you come across and their importance are by the symbol, color and shape of the sign. Usually symbols are used more often due to being able to be read by anyone of any language.

Some traffic signs are even manufactured with special coatings that can help cars see them when their headlights hit the sign. This increases their visibility while on the road, especially in low-light conditions.

Speed Limit

Black and white, rectangular shape

These are a big sign and usually these are known by those who are driving, as they are the most popular. They have similar sized numbers, and they say speed limit on them. Following the speed listed on the signs is important to reduce traffic accidents. They can be easy to miss if you’re distracted.


Red or yellow, triangular shape

These are key to regulating traffic in many areas. When you see them, they mean you should slow down, be cautious and stop when it warrants. These are generally when pedestrians in the area and it can also mean you don’t have the right of way.

Construction/Work Zone

Orange, diamond or rectangular shape

These usually have images on them, but sometimes they have words. When the rate of construction worker and road worker deaths are soaring, you should do your part to slow down and pay attention while driving through these zones. These signs are generally set up to give drivers enough time to slow down, pay attention, and make sure to proceed through the area with caution.

They shouldn’t be thought of as annoying, but rather, signs that show you people are putting their lives in danger to improve the commute you take every day.

Keeping safe on the roadways is essential when you want to make sure you’re going to the right place, but also keeping those around you and yourself safe while driving. Pay attention, look up, watch the road, and the signs that you come across because you want to ensure you’re doing your part to reduce the accidents that happen on a daily basis.

Here at Eastern Metal Signs and Safety, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, easy to read signs to keep road workers, but also drivers, on the road safe.

If you have a specific sign request, or if you work with the construction or traffic industry and require safety products; reach out. We’d love to provide the services and products you’re in need of.          |                 1.800.872.7446

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