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Safety Tips to Use on the Road

While some of these safety tips you may have heard many times before, it is important to go over them and refresh your memory. Not only do you want to make sure you’re safe on the road, but also those who are in your vehicle, those in other vehicles, and those walking or working on roadways.

Safety Tips for the Road to Keep in Mind

These tips are general safety tips for driving safely on the road. It is important to continue to follow them, so you can keep yourself and others safe.

  • Be attentive, and scan your surroundings regularly
  • Always wear your seatbelts, in both the front and back seat of a vehicle
  • Obey all of the signs and speed limits that are posted on the roads
  • Do a safety check of the car you’re going to drive, and if there is something that is amiss, do not drive it around
  • Know where all of your blind spots are
  • Do not drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Avoid hard braking, accelerating and keep a safe distance from the other vehicles on the road
  • Be aware of aggressive drivers around you
  • Be prepared to react to the drivers that you come into contact with and never assume that they’re paying attention to their surroundings while on the road
  • Be extra alert and careful when the weather outside is poor
  • Don’t drive while tired or drowsy
  • Have an emergency kit inside your vehicle in case something happens while driving on the roadways
  • Use your headlights whenever possible, and whenever necessary so others can see you on the road and you can see far ahead

Don’t Forget to Drive Safe in Work Zones, Too!

These safety tips can help you not only keep safe while driving anywhere you go but especially in work zones. With close to 1,000 people dying each year due to car accidents while working in construction or maintenance road work zones; it is important that we keep and follow these tips to save lives.

  • Avoid any and all distractions while driving through work zones
  • Pay attention to the workers around you
  • Slow down and make sure to obey the speed limit signs put up
  • Follow the new traffic pattern that was set up for the work zone
  • Move into the open lane and keep within the lines
  • Keep your distance from those working, but also the other vehicles that are moving through the lanes with you
  • Expect the unexpected to happen while in work zones
  • Respect and comply with the flagger and the directions they are giving you
  • Be patient and take it slow
  • Expect delays to happen and traffic to slow down in any sort of construction driving zones

Work zones not only increase driving risk but also risk the lives of those who are working on these roadways. In order to reduce the risks involved for everyone, drivers should follow a strict set of rules. Everyone should be safer while on the roads, but it takes everyone to be aware of this while in their vehicles. Safety tips should be followed by everyone to ensure everyone is safe.

Eastern Metal Signs & Safety wants to reach out to everyone and remind them during this month (and all others) that driving safe saves lives. Don’t forget to check out our traffic safety products here on our website and learn more through our news section. We are here supplying all of your road traffic safety supplies, working to save lives one sign at a time.

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