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Orafol: Eastern Metal Distributor

As a leader in the reflective materials industry, Orafol has opened up their business to those who want to distribute and carry quality materials to shops, businesses, and individuals who use them on a regular basis. Instead of having to purchase straight from the company, you can find a distributor near you with stock already in the office ready for you to purchase.

Eastern Metal Signs and Safety is the shop worth looking into for this.

Not only do they work alongside Orafol, but they offer ORALITE® Reflective Materials to those who are looking to use them for sign making or reflective solutions that they have. Used for a wide range of products and projects, this material comes sold by the square foot, allowing the customer to choose specifically how much they are in need of.

With a full page of information regarding these ORALITE® Reflective Materials, as well as the necessary information and answers to commonly asked questions, customers of Eastern Metal Signs and Safety, both new and old, can find the information they seek.

Quality Made, Durability Dependable

The quality of the products is the highest in the market, allowing those using it to know they are purchasing one of the highest quality materials on the market, from a brand that can be trusted. Having been in the industry for years, Orafol has perfected the method of manufacturing on these sheets and rolled goods to ensure that all of their customers are happy with the products they are receiving from them.

Through the use of the durability that these products offer, so many are able to make use of the quality that they receive through various projects. Bringing quality and creativity together, the sheets and materials are built to last, regardless of what is being made on them.

A Wide Range of Versatile Materials for Any Projects

There is a versatile selection of materials that can be used for any projects you can imagine. With overlay material, vinyl, rolls of laminate, and various other heavy-duty products; the versatility of these materials allows the creativity of many shops to flourish and grow.

These materials are ideal and if you are a shop owner who uses them or requires the use of sheeting materials like this, we invite you to take a look at our inventory to see what we are offering. It might be ideal to have an affordable way to obtain the best possible outcome from the range of versatile materials we have on hand.

Those who are searching for ORALITE® Reflective Materials are more than welcome to look into the many products that Eastern Metal Signs & Safety currently offers, as well as send over a request for a quote or a question regarding the products. We are more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

We Put Safety in the Work Zone!

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