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Work Zone Awareness – Safety Tips to LIVE By

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As we are focused on the virus that is sweeping the nation, it is also imperative that we remember those who are still out there working. Construction crews are doing their part to reduce the amount of traffic, to clean up the roads, to make sure things are running smoothly for those of the areas they are working in. This is why their safety should be in the back of our minds whenever we leave our houses.

This means not only do we need to do our part for the workers who are risking their lives on the roads, but also for other motorists that we might come into contact with. By following some of these guidelines, now and after the virus has gone – we are able to keep roadways SAFE.


It is increasingly important that you stay awake and alert while operating your vehicle, or any motor vehicle. This can reduce the number of accidents that are seen by those who may be operating them under the influence, or perhaps when they are too tired to operate them at all.


Road rage is not going to get you anywhere and if you are not paying attention, are cussing and screaming and you need to get through; this will not make the line move any faster. In fact, this might be something that makes the line even more dangerous. Skip this. Remain level-headed, calm and know that the crew is doing what they can to keep everyone moving.


In addition to the above-mentioned point, you should also make sure to plan ahead. If you know there is going to be construction, instead of rushing out of the door five minutes late as it is, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. Rushing is never a part of safety first. Take your time, get there safely.


Focus on safe driving and not distracted driving. This is one of the BIGGEST issues that is seen on the roadways. Doing your makeup, eating that big burger, watching your phone, or even texting can all cause serious mishaps to happen when on the road.

A vehicle is a dangerous thing if you are not actually paying attention to what you are doing. Due to this, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do NOT partake in distracted driving so you can ALWAYS stay safe!


You wouldn’t think that people ignore this, but they do. Buckling up can actually reduce the chances of dying in a crash by 45% and reduce the chances of serious injury in a car crash by 50%. This is half of what it would be and a big number that you would want to help you.


You want to turn your blinkers on when needed, watch the cars in front of you and the ones behind you. Don’t automatically assume that they know what they are doing. Watch what you are doing, but also be mindful of the cars around you. Always merge when it is safe to do so and try not to run around other cars when it is not.

Pay attention to any work zones that you come across – use caution. Slow down, read signs, and watch for workers.

These workers are risking their lives when people drive through these areas and are not paying attention to their surroundings or those around them. Flaggers especially are more likely to get hit by a vehicle that is not paying attention to any other roadway worker.


Here are additional tips to keep in mind while driving in any work zone, as well as the ones mentioned above. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to the lives of those who are working out on the roads for a better, safer roadway for all.

  • Don’t Speed!!!
  • Don’t Tailgate the Cars in Front of You
  • Keep up with Traffic at a Safe Distance
  • Don’t Change Lanes While in the Work Zone
  • ALWAYS Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

For more information and roadside safety advice, we recommend checking out this website for help getting the information you need. Of course, road signs are a must and if you are working with a construction crew, make sure to grab a few of your own!


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